Itchy, dry, feverish red rash

dana1981dana1981 Member New Member
Hi, I have had lupus for 4 years now.. It started with lots of inflammation, then blariness and now I still have those symptoms plus a bad itchy- irritable red rash that is so hot and embarrassing. I have tried everything I can think of to treat it but was not successful. I am to embarrass to go anywhere. It is ruining my life. I dont do anything with my kids. I miss out on all their activities. I dont know what to do.. If there is someone that is going through with this and has succeed please let me know what I am doing wrong.


  • dtruth101dtruth101 Member New Member
    Hi Dana. I have been using a few things to help and try Aveeno eczema therapy cream. It does help to a certain degree. I don’t like steroid creams so I am trying otc items to limit side effects 
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