#TriviaTuesday - Is it possible for a woman with lupus to become pregnant?

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Is it possible for a woman with lupus to become pregnant?

Most women with mild-to-moderate lupus can have healthy babies with no complications. (It’s best to have no symptoms and take no medications for several months before becoming pregnant.) But pregnancy in women with lupus is still considered high risk. Some women may experience a mild to moderate flare during or after their pregnancy. Some, especially those taking corticosteroids, are more likely to develop high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), and kidney complications. If you’re pregnant and have lupus, you should seek pregnancy counseling as early as possible and see the doctor often to be monitored.

Dr. Alana Levine shares more information in this video.


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    Its definitely possible. I have the four year old to prove it. It wasnt fast or easy though. 
    I did have to wait almost two years to be cleared by the doctor. Then I needed lots of meds to make sure I got pregnant. Cytoxan did a number on me. 
    I had to be seen by  high risk OB through out the pregnancy and on my 27th week I was admitted because of  a very high bp. 
    While admitted the baby had an irregular heart rate and I had an emergency c-section. 
    My son was in the NICU for almost 3 months and I was back in the hospital for about a month because of my kidneys (I have SLE Nephritis). 
    It was a rough ride with a great reward.  
    So yes, its possible but please make sure it is advisable and you are ready for it. 
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